Sustainable Driving

Whilst the Corridor partners seek to encourage more sustainable alternatives to car use we fully appreciate that there are circumstances where car travel is necessary. This page provides information on potential ways to reduce the impact of car use on congestion, air quality and the environment.

The Corridor Partners Car Share Database

The 4 partners have a FREE shared online database for staff from the Universities, Hospitals and College of Music. You can sign up whether offering a lift or seeking one (even if you don’t have a car!) and obviously having a shared scheme increases the chances of finding a match. So to see if you could save fuel, money and help the environment sign up to the HEP Liftshare Scheme.

(Please note: The Liftshare website refers to ‘HEP Car share’. This is the correct group. It stands for Higher Education Precinct, the old partnership name. This will be updated shortly)

Electric Cars and Charging


More and more staff are starting to recognise the benefits of ‘going electric’. With vehicle costs reducing, range increasing, no tax and running costs of around 2p a mile, it’s no wonder. Here you’ll find detail of the charging points located at and near the partners, as well as external links we think you’ll find useful. Remember, most electric cars will charge using a standard 3-pin socket (appropriate charging lead needed).

Charging Point Locations

Greater Manchester’s charging network is known as GMEV and has over 350 charging locations. All the charging locations listed below are part of this network. Currently electricity used is free of charge (this may well change in the future). To enable use of a charging point the best way is to sign up for a GMEV smartcard costing £10. You can use your mobile on arrival but this does induce a £3.50 surcharge each time.

GMEV charging points are either ‘fast charge/type 2’ (7kW, this takes around 4 hours) or ‘rapid charge (50kW, this takes around 20-30minutes to charge to 80% battery).

Below a list of charging points currently available at the partners. The GMEV website has an interactive map on its homepage showing all network charging locations.




University of Manchester

Booth Street West Multi Storey Car Park

M15 6PB

x4 ground floor, x4 1st floor

All fast charge (7kw)

Open to all but car parking charges apply

Manchester Metropolitan University

Open to all with free parking

Rapid, 1 hour max stay

Fast, 4 hour max stay

John Dalton Car Park

M1 5SH

x1 rapid    x2 fast (7kw)

Cambridge Hall Courtyard

M15 6BG

x2 fast (7kw)

Birley Fields Multi Storey Car Park

M15 5RN

x18 fast (7kw)

Central Manchester Foundation Trust

Hathersage Road Multi Storey Car Park

M13 0FH

x2 fast (TBC)

Open to all but car parking charges apply (TBC)


Useful Links

To find out more about electric vehicles, here’s some useful links:

Visit the Go Ultra Low website for all you need to know about electric cars

To find rapid charging locations across the UK head to the Ecotricity Electric Highway website

For detailed information on electric vehicles, charging locations and statistics, visit Zap Map

For detail on government grants and more head to the Energy Saving Trust

Helpful Tips

If you do need to use your car (of any type!), then there are some things you can do to reduce the environmental impact. Visit the Energy Saving Trust webpage for a handy list.

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